Search Engine Optimization
Get HIGH rankings with Omega SEO Service

Getting your site to show up higher in the search engines is an art that Omega Experts has refined to a science.    Here’s how we do it:

The Top 10 Ranking Optimizer

When you type in the keywords you hope will bring customers to your site, there are already sites occupying the first few pages of results.  We want to get your site on those pages.  What better way than to see how they did it.  We’ll analyze the pages that currently occupy the top spots and see why they’re there.  Obviously, they must be doing something right.  Let’s find out what it is, and see how we can turn it to your advantage.

The Top 10 Optimizer

Omega Experts own optimization system is a unique website promotion service for Top 10 rankings on Google and the other major search engines.  You can not get this service anywhere else.    We’ll tell you how to modify your web pages so that you can place better, in the Top 10 search engine rankings.  High ranked web pages, of course, bring more visitors to your site.

Specific advice for your keywords

Omega Experts SEO will analyze the web pages that currently have top 10 ranking on the search engines in your subject area.  We’ll then compare those pages with yours.  The analysis will tell us what they’ve done to get that high ranking and how you’ll  have to change your pages to obtain a similar ranking. Improving your web site has never been easier. Omega Experts SEO helps you to get more customers and more sales with better search engine rankings.

Example: You need top 10 ranking for “outdoor equipment” on Google.  We’ll do an in-depth analysis of the current top 10 results on Google for “outdoor equipment.”  We’ll then provide you with a report on what specific changes you’ll have to make to get your listing on the first results page when a user searches for “outdoor equipment.;”

Keyword density

Obviously, one of the best ways to get your pages to rank higher for specific keywords, is to include those keywords many times on your page.  One of the biggest mistakes people make, when using this strategy, is “keyword stuffing,” using the same word or phrase over and over again on the same page.  It may seem like a good idea, but the search engines are smarter than that.  They’ll penalize you for putting your keywords on a page too many times.   To avoid being banned from search engines, you’ll have to make sure your pages have the proper keyword density. We’ll provide you with a report containing the exact number of times you should include your keyword on a particular page, to make sure it isn’t penalized, and ranks higher on the search engines.  The right keyword density will help you to improve the search engine placement of your site. High search engine placements lead to more visitors, more customers and more sales.

Next-generation search engine optimization service

There are two types of search engine submission services: automated and manual.   An automated service is just a program (standalone or web-based) that submits the web address of  your page or pages to the various search engines.  There are several drawbacks to this method.  Most search engines don't like submissions from automated submission tools, because they ignore specific search engine’s rules and they directly access the submission scripts, bypassing the website.  You can imagine, then, how search engines get a lot of spam submissions this way, and many search engines are now ignoring this type of submission.
Omega Experts SEO is different

Many search engines require you to manually type in a graphically displayed validation code (AltaVista, AllTheWeb etc.).  Something that’s easy for a human to do, but not so easy for a machine.  With Omega Experts manual search engine submissions, it’s a real live person doing the submitting, so, you’re always sure your submission is not treated as spam.

But, don’t just take our word for it, you can track your results with Omega SEO Search Engine Ranking Report   It's essential that you keep on top of your search engine positions, to continue to monitor your internet marketing goals. We’ll send you a Search Engine Ranking Report so that you can test our work.

Improve your search engine ranking now and get the most out of your website.  Optimize it.
Standard optimization costs only $99 US.

Here is a list of primary search engines and the price :

Search engine
Priority : 299$ US / year, 7 days No Priority : No guaranty
No Priority : DMOZ
Priority : FAST or Inktomi No Priority: No guaranty
Priority : 49.95$ US, 3 days No Priority : DMOZ
MSN Search (LookListing)
15 cent per click
AOL Search
No Priority : 2 weeks and more
HotBot (Lycos)
Priority : FAST or Inktomi No Priority : No guaranty
La toile du québec
Priority : 150$ CAD, 7 business days No Priority : 16 weeks and more
Priority:34.74$ US/ 6 month, 2 days No Priority : 4 to 6 weeks
Ask Jeeves
Priority : 30$ US, 7 days
FAST ou Inktomi
Priority: FAST ou Inktomi No guaranty
WebCrawler (Excite)
Priority : 49.95$ US, 3 days No Priority : DMOZ